Abstract book

Abstract book

Final Programme

Monday, April 14

08:00   Registration

Session: Introduction to ESO

09:00   Kawka: Welcome
09:20   Palous: Czech Republic in ESO
10:00   Andersen: The Danish Experience from 47 Years in ESO

10:40   coffee break

11:00   Kawka: ESO: From a user's perspective
11:40   Patat: Writing successful proposals - how to convert ideas into telescope time at ESO

12:20   lunch

14:20   Barta: ALMA and the Czech ARC node
14:50   Ehlerova: ESO Science Outreach Network and its Czech node
15:30   Kabath: Cerro Paranal Observatory – the cutting edge facility for astronomical research

16:10   coffee break

Session: VLT and La Silla spectroscopic & imaging facilities

16:30   Pravec: The Danish 1.54-m telescope on La Silla and the NEOSource project
16:50   Gabor: Introducing the Vatican Observatory
17:10   Krejcova: Star planet interaction
17:30   Vennes: Studying terminal boundary conditions of stellar evolution: Selected properties of white dwarfs and their environment

Tuesday, April 15

Session: VLT and La Silla spectroscopic & imaging facilities

09:00   Paunzen: The Magellanic Clouds
09:40   Netopil: The early stage of chemically peculiar stars
10:00   Janik: CP stars at La Silla
10:20   Prvak: Abundance mapping of HD 114365

10:40   coffee break

11:00   Nordstrom: Galactic Structure projects at ESO, Movie
11:40   Kraus: Circumstellar environment and mass-loss history of evolved stars
12:00   Hadrava: Determination of distances in SMC using stellar spectroscopy
12:20   Jungwiert: Extended narrow-line regions of Seyfert galaxies and quasars: spacially resolved spectroscopy with VLT/FORS1
12:40   Orlitova: Binary quasar candidates mapped with IFU spectrograph VIMOS/VLT

13:00   lunch

Session: VLTI

14:40   Stefl: Near_IR and mm interferometry: Introduction, VLTI, ALMA
15:30   Klement: Detailed Physical modeling of Be star Beta CMi

15:50   coffee break

Session: ALMA/APEX (mm astronomy)

16:10   Møller: APEX, The Atacama Pathfinder
16:50   Jachym: Molecular gas stripping with APEX and prospects for ALMA
17:10   Wunsch: Molecular fragments in the Carina Flare supershell
17:30   Taylor: Science with the Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey

19:30   Conference dinner

Wednesday, April 16

Session: Studying and working at ESO

09:00   Emsellem: Working at ESO: reaching new heights in Astronomy
09:40   Jilkova: ESO Studentship Programme - Two years below the Southern Cross

10:20   coffee break

10:40   Discussion with students
11:40   Discussion about CZ astronomy
12:40   Closing session


Karas: Modelling a nuclear star cluster - II. Interaction with a self-gravitating accretion disc
Zajacek: Galactic Centre Mini-spiral: Interaction modes of neutron stars